Questions & Answers

1) What is the “Reward and Recognition Scheme”? When will it be open for nominations / applications?

This award scheme is for recognizing excellent work done above and beyond normal call of duties of full-time non-teaching staff at the University. In 2016-17, it receives nominations and applications from 1 August 2016.

2) How many awards will there be?

A maximum of 3 Individual Awards, 3 Team Awards and 1 Exemplary Service Award, will be given in each round.

3) What will the award recipients receive?

For Individual Award and Exemplary Service Award, each award recipient will receive a Certificate of Excellence in Performance and a cash award. Ÿ For Team Award, each team member will receive a Certificate of Excellence in Performance, and the whole team will share a cash award, to be used for group activities proposed by the team leader in consultation with team members and approved by the respective Vice-President.

4) When should the award-winning teams complete the approved group activities?

The group activities should be carried out within a prior committed timeframe. Progress will be checked periodically.

5) How can I apply for Individual Award?

For Individual Awards and Exemplary Service Award, nomination is necessary. Eligible staff may be nominated by their supervisor or by another eligible full-time staff with detailed justifications and self-statements using a standard nomination form. The completed form should be signed by the Dean/Head of the staff before submission.

6) How can a team enter for the Team Award?

For team awards, applications may be made by the teams themselves, or through nominations by their Deans/Heads. Applications/nominations with detailed justifications through the completion of a standard form should be supported by their Deans/Heads with signatures.

7) Where should we send our applications / nominations?

Completed nomination/ application forms should be sent to the “Selection Panel of the Reward and Recognition Scheme for Non-teaching Staff” c/o the Personnel Office under confidential cover, either via email to pers-lc@hkbu.edu.hk in pdf form, or to Room 903, Level 9, Academic and Administration Building, 15 Baptist University Road, Kowloon Tong, if in hard copy. Please mark “Reward and Recognition Scheme for Non-teaching Staff” as well as “Individual Award”, “Team Award” or “Exemplary Service Award” on the envelope.

8) When will be the deadline for applications / nominations?

The deadline will be 30 November 2016 (Wednesday).

9) When will the judging take place?

The Selection Panel is expected to meet in December 2016 and make recommendations to the President and Vice-Chancellor for approval.

10) What are the assessment criteria for individual and team awards? What is the Selection Panel looking for?

The Panel will look for evidences of the following when rating the entries:

  • Enhancement of work efficiency and effectiveness
  • Making adaptations to and meeting challenges linked with the strategic goals
  • Showing personal integrity and professional dignity
  • Committed to work with enthusiasm
  • Making continuous improvements with innovation
  • Dealing with crises, emergency and unexpected incidents
  • Inspiring team work to achieve bigger results
  • Showing respect to people and diversity

In terms of Individual Awards, the Panel would hope that the awardees can be role models who foster trust, fairness and kindness in the workplace. In terms of Team Awards, those teams which have more members who are from different units would earn additional scores.

11) What does Exemplary Service Award recognise?

Here are some examples of exemplary service:

  • Demonstration of sincere cooperative and positive attitudes as well as exceptional willingness to assist others while the kindness on students/colleagues/visitors/customers of the University has made a positive impact.
  • Serving as a role model in the provision of excellent services – known to the community (ie within an office, a department/unit or a work area) as a reliable person and/or willing volunteer who reaches out to others and motivates others.
  • Demonstration of high standards of professionalism in specific area(s) of work by delivering excellent services which surpasses expectations.


12) When will be the Award Ceremony held?

Ÿ The Award Ceremony is tentatively scheduled to take place in mid-April 2017.

13) What is the count-back period for the Scheme for Non-teaching Staff?

Depending on the duration of the projects / incidents involved, the count-back period will normally be 2 to 3 years.

14) Are Heads/ Directors of Offices eligible for the Individual Award and who would nominate them?

Heads/Directors of Office are eligible for the Individual Award. Their respective Vice President will sign off the nomination form.

15) How many nominations for individual/team award can a Faculty/ School/Office/Centre submit?

Deans and Heads of Offices should encourage more participation from your staff. However, to allow more participation from different office units, number of nominations from each office unit is limited to two each for Individual Award, Team Award and Exemplary Service Award respectively.

16) Can individual staff be nominated for Individual Award, Team Award and Exemplary Service Award respectively?

Individual staff may be nominated for Individual Award, Team Award and Exemplary Service Award in the same year but should be considered according to different aspects of contributions. Exemplary Service Award is only open for middle level and frontline non-teaching (Band A to E) staff.

17) Can a staff with appointment contracts ending on or before the closing date of application/nomination be nominated for Individual Award or Exemplary Service Award?

Staff who currently have a one year or above appointment, or those who have continuously served the University for one year or above by the closing date of application/nomination may be nominated. During the time between nomination to Award Ceremony, the nominated staff should be an HKBU full-time non-teaching staff.

18) Can nominations be anonymous?

Nominations should not be anonymous.

19) How large should the team be for team award?

A team can be between 2 to 20 members. Special credits will be given to those teams which are diverse (i.e. across disciplines/functions, across offices/departments/units), with larger team size of say over 10 persons, which have achieved targets directly aligned to the University’s strategic goals.

20) Is there any restriction on the rank of staff members to be nominated/to apply for the awards, i.e. Individual Award, Exemplary Service Award, and Team Award?

Regardless of rank, every staff who fulfills the service requirement as described in the guidelines is eligible for Individual Awards and Team Awards. The Exemplary Service Award is established especially to recognise excellent services of middle level and frontline (i.e. Band A to E) non-teaching staff. These groups of staff can be nominated both for Individual Awards as well as Exemplary Service Award.

21) Will the submitted nominations (successful or not) be kept confidential?

Yes, all the data entered into the application / nomination forms will be kept confidential. Only the Selection Panel Members, the Secretary to the Panel and restricted staff who assist in the process will have access to them. Ÿ Records of all unsuccessful entries, will be kept until the awards presentation ceremony. Documents of successful entries will be retained for a longer period of time for reference by future members of the Selection Panel.

22) What is the frequency of the awards?

Awards will be given out every 2 years. Award recipients of this year will not be eligible to apply or be nominated in the next round of awards.